Hi I’m Tim

Hey there! I'm Tim, a photographer from Western Sydney. I count myself to be pretty lucky, I have the most amazing wife and beautiful two daughters anyone could ask for. Their both little adventurers that keeps us on our toes (daughters, not the wife!) but there's nothing we would change. I'm a guy with quite a few hobbies (probably too many according to my wife), I love to adventure to new places, to explore and camp under the stars, and dive along our coast line.

What I love about my job is being able to capture the emotion, connection and joy between couples on one of the most important days of their life! I approach weddings in a very minimalistic manner, that way I can capture the real and candid moments. I'm not about posing like we're on a production set, just having a bit of fun to ensure all that's captured is the real you.

My philosophy

I pride myself on being a fly on the wall type of photographer. Where I get to capture all those natural, candid moments, helping you feel comfortable and at ease.

Weddings are without a doubt, one of the most beautiful moments in life. I feel honoured to freeze these in a frame and be remembered for generations to come. Being chosen to be part of someone's wedding is an absolute honour.

My type of couple is one where we become instant friends! Where I know you have chosen me for my style and approach to weddings. Not based on my price or my availability. Where you are confident for me to do my thing, work some magic and have a bit of fun while were at it!

Where you put your faith in me to capture the raw moments of the day, rather than pretending like were on a production set. Couples who are happy to let me creativity run wild, rather than telling me what to capture - they're the right couples for me.

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